Why Should You Put Felt Pads Under Furniture Feet?

When looking for the best floor protection, remember this rule: opposites attract.

A tougher floor protection should be used for soft floors such as vinyl, rubber, and carpet. Meanwhile, harder floors require softer furniture paddings.

Therefore, for hardwood floors, a metal or steel protector is a no-no. What should you use then? Read on to find out.

Why can’t you just any kind of furniture protector?

Metal and steel furniture protectors have a tendency to leave marks on your floor, which can be tough to get rid off even after a hundred times of cleaning.

Frequently moving your furniture can make the numerous rust, scratches, and other damages even worse. This happens so much that by the time you realize what’s going on, the damage has already been done.

No amount of money can fix a floor that has already been damaged this way. Rust tends to settle and dent marks tend to stay put.

What’s the best solution to protect hardwood floors?

Use furniture felt pads. You can buy felt pads at a whole bunch of well-known stores, such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Remember that every tip made from this much softer material isn’t created equal. There are available low-quality pads with thin surfaces, which doesn’t make a big difference at all.

These cheap furniture felt pads can split apart easily after a few days. It is just as bad as not having any protection at all.

You will want felt pads that are stronger on the inside, can be installed easily, and won’t easily come off. It’s the type of felt that covers the leg and will stay attached at the bottom, the part that will get often dragged across the floor.

Why Quality is So Important

There have been complaints about these pads’ tendency to come off. Sometimes they stick to the floor and become part of the problem rather than the solution.

Glue prints of some pads can end up on the floor and your furniture ends up scratching your hardwood floor – the actual problem you’re trying to avoid.

So before buying, make sure you pick furniture felt pads with the best quality. Install it and carefully see what happens.

Does it fall off easily? Do you look and find numerous particles trapped within the glue? That’s not a good thing. You can report this quality problem to the manufacturer or ask for replacements if a guarantee is included.

However, to save you from all these inconveniences, it’s better to grab superior furniture felt pads. They may not be that cheap but they can guarantee to do the work well and for a longer time.

Read the Directions

Buying high-quality furniture felt pads is the first step. The second includes your participation in fully understanding how to apply these pads to your furniture.

Be sure to read and carefully understand the directions. For instance, if it says to thoroughly clean the floor before installing it on your furniture, be sure to do that. Make sure your floor stays thoroughly mopped and clean at all times.

Follow Maintenance Rules

Remember that adhesive tips lose their stickiness over time. If you see that happening, remove them and replace them right away especially on pieces of furniture you often move.

Keep in mind that felt tips do NOT prevent indentations or marks made by heavy furniture.

Check your furniture legs frequently to make sure your pads are in place and free of all debris. Debris can come from anywhere from pizza crumbs to spilled soda. That’s why it’s important to always mop or vacuum your floor.

Better have extra furniture felt pads on hand so you can instantly replace worn out pads. It won’t happen sooner for durable felt pads, but better have some just in case you’ll need it in the future.

Final thoughts

Remember that these protectors vary in size, thickness, and price. If you’re like me, you’d always look at the price. We all want to save money, but I can assure you that you can save more by buying the thickest and most durable.

The life of your hardwood floor depends on how you take care of it. Buying the right heavy duty felt pads can make your hardwood floor look brand new for many years.

Be sure to make the right choice. Buy some felt protectors today.

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