Where To Get Affordable Large Furniture Floor Protectors?

Kitchen chairs and tables are some of the most frequently moved furniture. This movement can cause gouges and scratches on your floor and reduces its lifespan and quality.

There are quite a number of pads that you can use to minimize or eliminate the friction. Some pad types offer better protection than others and different pads work best on various furniture items.

Regardless of the pad type you choose, keep in mind that none is failproof. Poorly fitted pads can cause more damage than the furniture itself so better be sharp when choosing the best one for you.

Where can you buy affordable furniture floor protectors? Here are some places you can visit:


Macy’s is one of the largest furniture retailers in the country. They are also one of the stores with the widest variety of furniture protectors. These include pads, glides, screw on protectors, cup shapes, caster cups, and ball-shaped rubber casters.

They can also provide you with custom pads that can be fitted on furniture items with unique types of pads, glides, and casters. These protectors can be accessed in any of their 728 stores globally.

Because they’re the premier outlet for furniture items, you’ll know they have a thorough understanding of the available glides, casters, and pads in the market.


Walmart stocks glides, casters, pads and cup shapes in all of their 4,100 stores around the country. They have a wide variety of furniture protectors that go alongside the thousands of furniture items that they sell.

The store clerks can easily direct you to furniture protectors that are specific for different types of floors. Most of the protectors at Walmart cost between $14 and $35 and have a shipping duration of 2 days.

Whenever you buy furniture from them, it’s much easier to buy the protectors as an extra purchase. They can also deliver to your home, just order through their online shop.


This is by far the largest online store in the world. As an e-commerce site, Amazon ships and stock thousands of furniture and furniture items.

Amazon offers you access to the widest variety of furniture protectors in the world. The traders can connect you to those who create custom furniture items.

If you can’t find a particular furniture protector in your favorite store, then simply head off to the Amazon site.

Most of the pads, casters, and glides on Amazon cost between $5 and $20 per set. It’s the one site with the best and highest quality furniture pads in the market.


Lowes is the best go-to site for floor protectors. They have more than 36,000 items in their 1,857 stores. They stock floor protectors alongside paint, flooring millwork, kitchens and outdoor power equipment sales, etc.

Given their specialization in time for gardening, kitchen appliances, and furniture, they are the go-to team for all types of floor protectors.

With their long-term experience, they can advise you on which floor protector will work best for your floor. Just like in most other outlets, their warranty is one of the best services to ensure you get quality protectors.

Home Depot

Home Depot is the prime retailer of nightstands, TV stands, sofas, desks, dressers, coffee tables, bookcases, and folding chairs with their respective floor protectors.

Home Depot would be the best store to look up in case you are looking for unique floor protectors. This is advisable for classical furniture items with unique, creative, and non-standard bases or legs.

They have floor protectors for all types, colors, and prices. It’s also the best place to shop for floor protectors for furniture items with a broad base. This is where you can also find furniture pads for patio furniture items.


Target has floor protectors in all of their 1,795 stores across the country for their more than 1.2 million annual customers.

As a general store with an online segment, you can order glides, cup protectors, pads and swivels from their stores all around the world. In fact, besides Walmart and Amazon, Target is the third largest retailer offering a wide variety of floor protectors.

Most of the varieties offered are designed for American homes so ordering from outside the country might mean further research to be sure that they’ll be effective.

Target also stores unique forms of sliders for light furniture items.


As a major retail outlet, Sears has slips, glides, swivels, casters, non-slip and rocking chair floor protectors in their stores all around the country.

You can also order these floor protectors through their online store. They have stick-ons, screw-ons, slip-ons, pads, etc.

Most of their floor protectors and furniture pads have earth colors. This makes it easier to match them on furniture of any color.

They have six color types including the essential black, white, and grays. Most of their floor protectors cost around $5 to $25.

Get a floor protector now

Every furniture at home must have floor protectors to keep your floor damage-free. They will save you from having to replace the floor every few years. That’s why you have to shop for the best. The best quality pads and protectors cost no more than $30 to $60.

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