What is the Best Value for Furniture Pads?

Years of experience with trying new brands of furniture pads have made me an expert.

My first experiences were a little sketchy. I learned the hard way that there absolutely must be a cushion in between your furniture and the flooring. Deep pits and scratches with never ending scuff marks to buff out helped me to learn my lesson.

Not all furniture buffers are created equally

I knew that I had to find something, but didn’t really know where to start. I bought a package of the cheapest buffers in the store. They were the type that required

I bought a package of the cheapest buffers in the store. They were the type that required application with a nail. I didn’t get them on exactly right and the nails scuffed my floors.

It was back to the hardware store to find something better. My second attempt was a lot more satisfying. I bought felt pads that came with adhesive and would stick to the chair legs without the need for tacking or nailing.

They worked well and stayed in place for a few months, but needed periodic replacement. Instead of looking for a better product, I just bought in bulk and kept replacing them over the years.

Finding the best furniture pads

Finally, it dawned on me that there has to be a better way to protect my floors from damage. It would have been nice to know how to make the best choice when I first started out.

I’m sharing a few tips to help you find what is the best value for furniture pads the first time around.

Different types to choose from

Floor protectors come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, and materials. The key is getting the type that will work best for your situation.

Rubber table leg floor protectors offer a non-skid benefit while protecting floors from scuffs, scratches, and gouging.

I avoid using hard rubber because they also can scratch delicate floors. The rubber that isn’t too soft or hard is the best option.

Felt offers soft protection that allows chairs to glide more easily across the floor. This is the material I prefer because it delivers excellent protection and still lets me move the furniture around more easily.

When it comes to the application type, I am sold on self-stick adhesives. They are far safer for hardwood and other floor types.

The one word of caution that I offer is to make sure that the manufacturer uses a very sticky adhesive or you will need to replace them frequently. This can be costly over time and it’s a hassle.

There are three products that I’ve found that work so well for me that I consider them to be the very best and here is why.

1. Furniture Buffers Lightweight Reduced Slip / Non Slip Furniture Pads

The Furniture Buffers company consistently delivers the highest quality chair leg and table leg protectors. The package of 24 sticky self-adhesive floor protectors excels in staying where they’re applied to save time and money in replacement costs. They prevent damage to all floor types and they are also multipurpose.

You can use them as stabilizers, spacers, cushions, and protectors. They not only work on furniture legs but are also handy for picture frames, laptop bottoms, and any item that you want to slip-proof.

These cushions are for lightweight use and work well for chair legs and smaller furniture, but they are not the type that is recommended for heavier items such as oak furnishings, bed, sofas or other large items.

They are made of foam that acts as a buffer between one surface and another (including floors, walls, tabletops and more). They are moisture resistant so cleaning fluids and spills do not reduce their adhesiveness. They offer additional gripping power where it is needed.

They are an excellent value at just $7.99 for a package of 24 one inch circular buffers.

2. Furniture Buffers Felt Furniture Pads (24 count)

I also highly recommend these furniture pads because of the Furniture Buffers uniquely sticky adhesive. They are perfect for use as chair leg pads or any other furniture requiring one-inch circular protection.

They do an excellent job of protecting all floor types including marble, hardwood, tile, stone and more.

They are made of premium ultra compressed felt material. This offers soft protection while allowing furniture to glide more easily when moved.

They are an excellent value at just $7.99 average retail price.

3. Furniture Buffers 8 Different Sizes of Felt Furniture Pads (144 count)

The variety pack is among the best values for chair leg and table leg cushions.

This package has a huge variety of large, medium and small felt pads with two bigger sheets that can be custom cut to fit odd shaped furniture legs. They are heavy duty and fit for use with most types of furniture.

The Jumbo Pack is likely what you will need for padding all of your home furnishings to protect floors and other delicate surfaces.

The ultra compressed felt offers a medium glide so you can still easily move chairs and other furniture.

The whole package of 144 felt pads only costs $15.97.

Final thoughts

Getting the best value for furniture pads starts with quality that will hold up under frequent use. Constant replacement of floor protectors can get expensive. Going with a product that is longer lasting will cost less in the long run.

Furniture Buffers offers high-quality products that deliver high on floor protection with pads that won’t fall off. They’re the logical choice when you’re in search of the best value.

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