Unleash the Power of Stylish Rugs with These Basic Ideas

If you feel like your house or apartment has been missing some magic you can’t pinpoint, maybe it’s time to consider adding rugs in every room.

There are a lot of rugs to choose and it can get confusing. But with the right texture, size, color, and material, these rugs can bring out more life into your home than what you’ve expected.

So how do you look for the perfect rugs?

With a combination of classic interior design hacks and your own personal taste, you can come up with the top good-looking rugs that’ll make you and your home extra awesome.

Here are a few tips you can follow in choosing your rugs:

Identify the places where you should use rugs

Rugs don’t only put a pop of color in an area. They can also define it too especially on large rooms where you can put every space into use.

Bring in two rugs in a room and it automatically cuts the entire place into two. By using rugs in different sizes, you can create variety and make use of every space according to each’s function.

Follow a color scheme

When you figure out the perfect color scheme for your home, the matching colors you’ll bring home can create harmony. Going for random colors that don’t blend at all may create a messy look for your interiors.

To do this, you should first know the color of your favorite rug. You can start with it to know the colors of the furniture you’ll bring in. Or you can also do this vice versa by choosing the color of the rug based on the colors of the furniture and the room.

The colors you choose can also affect the atmosphere and the emotions that a room may bring you, so choose wisely. You can also learn the basic psychology of every color to help you pick the best rug with the color that will create the mood you want in a room.

Control how busy your room should look

Going for a solid color or a wildly patterned rug will depend on how you want to tweak your room. Do you want to tone all the visual noise down or do you want to liven up its plainness?

Look at your walls and upholstery so you can decide the contrasting bold or subtle color and design your rug should have.

Take good care of your rugs

Style and quality should always be on point. But don’t forget to protect your rugs to make sure your home stays classy every day.

One of the things that can greatly damage your rugs is your furniture’s legs. They tend to leave dents and discolorations on the material especially when the furniture standing on it is heavy.

To keep off those legs from ruining your rugs, you should attach furniture felt pads under all your furniture’s legs.

And you just don’t randomly pick a box of pads. You should be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product that stays attached and truly protects your furniture, rugs, and even floors.

Furniture Buffers is a highly-recommended furniture felt pads brand that offers long-lasting, durable, and soft but firm felt pads for your furniture. One of their best sellers is the Jumbo Pack which combines all those hard to find sizes in one box for an affordable price.

With all these ideas, you can instantly improve the look of your home even without the help of a designer. Browse around this page if you want to read more simple yet amazing home ideas.

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