Things to Remember to Create a High-Quality Home Theater

Bring in the cinema right in your comfortable home by creating your own home theater.

Of course, you’ll start with your cool home theater system. This will bring those movies into life or better yet, bring the Netflix-ing and chilling in a higher level.

However, creating the best home theater goes beyond managing to connect all the correct wires and cables. Your interiors can greatly affect the sound quality your home theater equipment produces and missing one feature can ruin your viewing experience.

Important features in your home theater

So what are the interior must-haves that should be included in your home theater?

Carpet flooring

The best type of floors for home theaters are carpet floors, and it isn’t only because they give off a luxurious feel to the room. Carpet absorbs sound and prevents reverberation – that slow decay or echo after the sound produced stops.

Carpet isn’t only limited to floors, but it’s a better idea to include walls too. Having carpet walls and flooring helps maintain sound clarity.


You can either choose to place your home theater system equipment in open or closed shelving. It’s all up to you.

If you want to have easier access to the components, displaying them on open shelves is okay. Go for a closed one if you’re aiming for a cleaner look. Don’t forget to choose cabinets with good ventilation.


You can have the best sounds and screen in your home theater. But you better not forget to make the experience comfier by choosing the best seats.

The best seats you can get are those reclining home theater chairs that can make you feel like a true VIP. But if you’re looking for an affordable option, you can still go for the classic leather sofa.

Extra tips that can bring out the best in your home theater

Place seats away from walls and speakers

Seats should be placed at least 4f-t away from your home theater speakers. They shouldn’t be also placed near walls to ensure you get the best surround sound quality in your home theater.

It is highly recommended that you know your seating layout before choosing equipment.

Keep your wires organized

The last thing you want to see behind your best equipment is a creepy jungle of tangled wires. You can look for special integrated wire management system to interconnect all components while keeping all wires hidden.

Protect your carpet flooring

Carpet floors are prone to dents especially when you’re bringing in heavy furniture like cabinets where you’ll place your home theater equipment.

The heavy weight of your furniture gets all packed on those tiny and thin furniture legs. These legs have no choice but to press harder onto the floor to be able to hold the weight.

To protect your carpet from getting dents that may last a lifetime, attach furniture felt pads under all furniture legs. Furniture felt pads can disperse the weight of your heavy furniture and prevent those furniture legs from pushing straight onto the carpet.

To guarantee that you’re getting the best furniture felt pads, Furniture Buffers offer the best quality pads that truly stick to your furniture. You won’t need to worry about wasting several pads after a few weeks of use because each Furniture Buffers pad has the stickiest adhesive.

Furniture Buffers furniture felt pads are also made firm and compact to surely hold that weight.

Skip the wasted hours of choosing the best sizes for your furniture by buying the biggest felt pads pack offered. The Furniture Buffers’ Jumbo Pack already has all your needed furniture felt pad shapes and sizes. You can even customize your own shape with the included full-sized rectangular felt sheets.

Better be detailed in creating your own home theater

Being detailed is the key to having a home theater you can be proud of.

It doesn’t only start and end with the best electronics you can bring at home. You should also focus on every side and corner of the room and its every piece of furniture.


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