Take Off Your Earplugs! Here Are Better Ways to Get Rid of Those Noises in Your Apartment

There are times that you can’t control things that will greatly affect your life – including living in an apartment in a bad location. What makes it awfully bad? Those random noises that keep you up at night!

You thought at first it’s all clean and peaceful. But once you live in it, that’s when you realize you picked the wrong place. It can be because of your neighbor with a megaphone voice, random furniture screeching, talking crowds outdoors, the wind, the waves, and everything else.

It’s fine. Don’t blame yourself as these things happen in life. But before you let go and be satisfied with a pair of ear plugs, you can still reduce the amount of noise coming in your apartment with some simple must-dos.

Here are ways to get rid of those annoying noises in your apartment:

Move your furniture

Using your furniture as a noise reducer is the first and the easiest step you can do. It doesn’t even require you to purchase anything if all that you need like beds and bookshelves are already available.

The first thing to do is to find out where the sound is coming from. When you have successfully identified where it is, pick a piece of thick furniture that you can move to the wall that needs shielding.

Some of the furniture you can use includes bookshelves and couches. It’s also better to move away thin pieces of furniture such as dining tables and beds from the noise source.

Use carpets and rugs

External sounds easily come in apartments that don’t have floor insulation. So if you noticed that insulators like carpets and rugs aren’t available on your apartment floor, it’s time to get it all covered.

It’s best to choose to carpet the whole area. But if the landlord doesn’t allow this, you can buy thick area rugs. The more and the larger area rugs you have, the more you’ll guarantee to notice how these can reduce the noise.

Hang thick curtains

Get those windows covered by using thick and heavy curtains, If you’re currently using thin curtains, you can still use them and layer it with another similar or thicker curtains that match each other’s colors well.

You didn’t only reduce the noise, but you also added a punch of style in your apartment.

Hang tapestries or wall artworks

Another way to reduce the sound coming from those walls – and making your home extra-stylish – is to hang tapestries and wall-mounted artworks.

Choosing tapestries and artworks can take time as you’ll have to find those that best suit your taste. To make things easier, you can start with your own photos framed to hang on the wall or even music and movie posters. It’s best to pick canvas-printed artworks.

Use furniture felt pads

If the sounds that annoy you the most are coming from your own furniture, better attach furniture felt pads under each’s legs.

These don’t only get rid of the screeching sound every time you move your chairs. They also protect your floors from getting those stubborn scratches.

To ensure that you’re getting high-quality furniture felt pads, make sure that they’re known to stick really well. It can be annoying to remove and correct if you misplaced one, but this stubborn strong adhesive is what makes it worth it.

When ordering a pack, better get one that has all the sizes and shapes that you need to ensure that you have enough pads for all your furniture.

Don’t lose hope

You may not have the ability to control all the sounds coming from your own furniture or everything around you. But you can still do something to reduce their effects in your own apartment.

You can start with these simple tips. What do you think is the best way for you to getting rid of those noises?

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