Stop Rocking on Your Seat and Fix Your Uneven Chair with These Quick Solutions Right Now

You’ve probably been through those annoying moments when you sit on a cozy-looking chair and be surprised with its wobbliness. It’s even worse when among the set of chairs you bought, one’s leg missed being in an accurate measurement.

In these surprises, the best thing you can do is to calm down and think of a quick solution. Wondering what you could do to get that chair or other furniture standing straight? Check out these recommended solutions:

Wine corks

Instead of throwing those corks away after finishing bottles of wine, you can reuse them for your furniture.

Slice those wine corks into medium-thin pieces or according to the measured space under the shorter leg that needs to be filled. Place it under the legs and you’ve got an instant wobble-solver.

Glue gun

Flip the tipsy chair (or whatever furniture that is) over and look for the shorter leg which causes the problem. Squeeze out a dollop of glue on the shortened leg, let it dry, and that’s it!

Table levelers

Table levelers can help you have a perfectly level table. It comes in many different forms and sizes.

Some should be screwed into the bottom of wooden legs. Some should be inserted and fitted inside hollow metal legs. Some can be attached on every side. Depending on the type of furniture you have, you have a particular table leveler best for each.

Furniture felt pads

Even though DIY solutions can greatly help your tipsy furniture become perfectly leveled, we can all admit that these won’t last long. They can also be, together with table levelers, not that good when it starts to touch the floor.

To make sure that you’re leveling your furniture and at the same time protecting your floors from unexpected scratches, better get a pack of furniture felt pads. One of the highly-recommended brands in the market today is Furniture Buffers, which offers high-quality furniture felt pads.

A pack of Furniture Buffers felt pads can keep your chairs and tables leveled. Each pad has a strong self-adhesive which makes sure the product sticks to every leg for a long time. It is also made of compact but soft felt material to keep itself in shape while in use.

With furniture felt pads like Furniture Buffers, you can move your furniture without those annoying sounds anymore. Lastly, your floors will remain protected in every movement.

What other easy solutions can you recommend to fix uneven furniture legs? Let us know!

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