Simple Ways to Fix Dents and Scratches on Your Hardwood Floor

It’s always recommended to have furniture felt pads placed under every furniture leg to avoid those undesired damages on your floor.

But what if you have dents and scratches on your floor to begin with? Bad incidents happen at home and there’s no way you can stop them from happening.

If you think you’ll have no choice but to leave that damage, stop and look at it again. There’s a solution to that and it’s just easy to do.

The Easy Solution to Fix Floor Dents

Remember that this easy tip is best for wood fibers that have been compressed, not chipped away. If you have this kind of dent, you’ll need the following: water, wet cloth or paper towel, and an iron.

Seeing an iron in the list looks like a joke, but this will create the steam you’ll want to create.

First, you’ll have to wet the dent. Then, cover it with the wet cloth or paper towel. With the iron set to high, press it on the wet cloth and move it around the area in a circular motion.

Make sure that the area and the cloth are wet enough that these could create steam when exposed to heat. When ironing the area, avoid keeping the iron in one spot as it could burn the surface.

Steam ironing the damaged area should take around 3 – 5 minutes. It may take longer depending on how deep the dent is.

Doing this method won’t work on all types of wood. It’s best for finished wood and also hardwood floors, but it’s better if you try the method first on small – almost hidden – dents to see if it’ll work.

The Easy Solution to Remove Floor Scratches

If you’re dealing with minor scratches on hardwood floors, you can repair them with a floor cleaner and protective finish. Simply clean the area with a damp cloth dipped in hardwood floor cleaner.

Rub the cloth on the area until you see some improvement. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe off the cleaner residue on the area.

When the spot is all dry, apply your chosen protective finish.

If you have a small yet visible scratch, you can still use the mentioned tip above. But except finishing it off with a protective finish, use a wire wool to buff the scratch.

Make sure to buff it towards the same direction as the grain. When the scratched area has already blended well to the surface, rub a wax stick to fill the scratch.

Wait for around 10 minutes until the wax hardens. Then, buff it with a soft cloth.

If the scratch is deep, better use a wood putty that matches the color of the floor. Fill the scratch and after a few hours, smoothen it out with a sandpaper.

Don’t forget to check your furniture felt pads

Take a look under those pieces of furniture and see to it that the felt pads you’ve attached are still in place. If you see a couple of missing pads, it’s time to grab a pack of furniture felt pads that won’t easily come off.

Furniture Buffers offers the highest quality furniture felt pads that are tough to remove. They stay for months or even for years. They’re the most reasonable purchase you can get whenever you’re on a hunt for the best felt pads.

Its super sticky adhesive gets those pads stuck tight. You don’t need to worry if you’re peeling a pad off whenever you move furniture.

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