Prevent Scratches on Your Precious Hardwood Floor with Five Easy Solutions

Hardwood floors won’t go out of trend as the go-to flooring in homes. They create a classy homey look and they’re elegant enough as a start for your well-designed interiors.

Wooden floors are indeed beautiful, but you need to put great care on them to make its glamor last through the years.

There are several ways you can do to protect hardwood floors. Here are some of the easiest solutions you can do:

Add rugs and carpets

One of the easiest ways you can do to protect wooden floors is adding another flooring to cover it entirely from stains and scratches. You can add rugs and carpets per area especially on high-traffic places.

Keep shoes off the floor

Homeowners who have a “no shoes” policy at home have a valid reason why they want everyone going inside to follow so. Shoes bring unpleasant dirt inside the house and when you have hardwood floors, shoes can leave serious damage.

Small rocks, gum, pins, and other small objects can get stuck under the shoes. When you allow everyone to wear their shoes inside your home, you’ll risk your floors from getting scratches.

Make sure your pet’s nails are clipped

Your fluffy friend can also be the culprit in those random scratches at home. You can’t stop dogs from running and digging on the floor. Cats too can scratch your hardwood floors because of their daily clawing exercises.

Make sure your pet’s nails are trimmed or let them wear those nail caps available in a pet supplies store. Declawing is not recommended.

Use hardwood floor sealers

There are different hardwood floor sealers available in the market today. You can go for the time-tested wax, water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, aluminum oxide, shellac, and more.

Each type of sealer has its pros and cons. It’s best to do your research, ask an expert, or someone who has experience using any of these options.

Use grippy furniture felt pads

One of the main causes of floor scratches and dents are the frequent movement of furniture. You move those tables when you clean the floor and you pull and push your chair before and after eating.

So to make sure your hardwood floors are fully protected, attach high-quality felt pads on all your furniture’s legs. This will make every furniture movement smooth, noise-free, and scratch-free.

Furniture felt pads should have a good grip on every table and chair leg. This is the key to ensure you’re getting high-quality pads that will last long.

For high-quality furniture felt pads, look for Furniture Buffers. Furniture Buffers furniture felt pads are made with ultra-compressed felt that makes every pad soft but durable.

Every customer who tried Furniture Buffers’ pads noticed how all pads are too sticky for them. The strong adhesive of every pad makes it the best and long-lasting protector for your furniture and floor.

With Furniture Buffers, it doesn’t matter if you have oddly shaped furniture legs. There are jumbo packs available that contain all sizes and shapes, plus sheets which you can cut and customize.

Put high-quality care for your high-quality hardwood floors

It’s not strange to put importance on your home’s floors. They’re the base of your shelter and the first that’ll get everyone’s attention especially when you still have to fully furnish your interiors.

With proper care, you’ll surely preserve your glamorous flooring through the years – and decades. Hardwood floors are timeless, so why not keep them always looking brand new?

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