Laptop Heating Up? Here Are Some Simple Ways to Cool It Down

Laptops are great work and gaming buddies that give the user the freedom to use one anywhere. They come in different designs, colors, sizes, features, and weight. But, the portability that these laptops offer has its disadvantages too. One of them is overheating.

Having a noticeably hot or an overheating laptop can’t be avoided as you can see that its parts are all packed in one place unlike in a desktop.

Those built-in fans are still effective in cooling your laptop. But they tend to collect dirt through those years of use. This dirt build-up can instantly block the air your laptop needs.

So what are the ways you can do to make sure your laptop is breathing well? Follow these tips.

Get a laptop cooling pad

The easiest – but can be expensive – way to keep your laptop cool is to use a laptop cooling pad. They’re the best ones to buy if you often use your laptop in long hours and love to use it on your lap.

Some cooling pads just simply do the job of providing air under your laptop. Some absorb heat and some can give the lift your laptop needs.

Download a heat tracker

Your laptop can get usually hot, but how do you know when its heat tells you that it’s already over the normal temperature? Get a heat tracker to get you updated every minute about your laptop’s real temperature.

Adjust your laptop’s settings

Your laptop could be heating up because it’s getting stressed from working on maximum settings.

You can check if you’ve overclocked it. If not, you can adjust its maximum processor state down to 80% besides 100%. You can also adjust its brightness to a lower level.

Raise your laptop

One of the main reasons why your laptop is heating up is the lack of air that can go in it especially when you place them on desks and blankets. What you can do is place a book under the laptop’s battery side to lift it up as a quick fix.

However, relying on books isn’t the wisest solution to lift your laptop up. To have your laptop lifted permanently wherever you place it, you can attach furniture felt pads on each corner.

Furniture felt pads aren’t only limited for furniture use. You can also use them under laptops to provide them better ventilation. Furniture Buffers is a great choice if you’re starting to look for one as they’re super sticky and durable.

Furniture Buffers felt pads also come with a Jumbo Pack where you can have the freedom to select the best shape of pads for your laptop besides the usual small-sized circle pads.

Giving up is not an option yet

Before you throw that overheating laptop out on the window, think that there are simpler solutions that can greatly solve your problem.

Again, proper ventilation is one of the keys that can help a laptop remain at its normal temperature. In the end, it might just need some more cooling, cleaning, and lifting to keep it running.

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