How to Create Your Own Gallery Wall at Home

You’re feeling artsy and you wanted to at least brighten up a dull wall by putting a framed artwork on it, or a memorable family photo. However, you wanted to do something more than just hanging a huge frame on the wall.

Hanging one item per wall isn’t the only way you can display your prized possessions. You can play with sizes, shapes, and even fill your walls with different stories.

To know more, here are the brilliant ways you can do to make a beautiful and inspiring gallery wall:

First, pick the best spot

Choose the wall where you will be pouring your heart out. You can choose the less noticed spots around your home such as staircases and bathrooms.

Start with pieces you have

Every framed photo becomes special when it means something to you. You can search for family photos, fun photos with your friends, antique paintings, or your own artworks.

If you don’t have anything to start with, you can go to flea markets or Etsy’s.

Find a theme – or not

Do you want to go random or do you want to stick to a chosen theme?

If you’re clueless about the theme you’d like to use, you can start with something clean and minimalistic. You can do this by picking works with the same color scheme and similar frame.

You can also collect all family photos as your theme. There’s more to choose from. You can go Bohemian, Art Deco, Futuristic, and more.

Start installing those frames

Here comes the scary part. Hanging those framed works on your wall needs great care to make sure everything’s in line.

Don’t even forget to think about the type of wall you’re working on.  If your wall is good to hammer on make sure to use a tape to mark the distance between two hooks and accurately identify where you should drill. It can be easier with a frame with one hook.

Use bumper pads

With bumper pads, you can stop your frames from moving. It can also prevent wall markings which may ruin your walls long term.

Having bumper pads attached behind every frame allows the air to circulate behind every picture. This will help them last longer.

There are available multipurpose furniture pads that will protect your walls. You can best rely on Furniture Buffers’ lightweight pads. With their super strong adhesive, you’ll surely be confident that your hanging pieces and walls are entirely protected for a long time.

These multipurpose non-slip pads are also perfect for laptops, chairs, and tables. You can go here to learn more about how these high-quality pads from Furniture Buffers can protect your home furniture.

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