How to Choose the Best Carpet Color for Your Home

Choosing a carpet color sounds silly to think of as a big deal compared to choosing a carpet type. It looks like you’ll just need to go with your taste to bring home the best carpet with the best color at home.

You won’t realize that it’s not as easy as it looks until you find out that your chosen carpet color doesn’t blend well with your walls and furniture. Uh-oh.

Never underestimate the power of a carpet with a color well-thought of. A good color can bring out the best in your interiors while keeping the dirt away and your feet feeling comfortable.

How to find the best carpet color

Here are the things you need to check to find the best carpet color for you:

Where to start

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s better to determine what your sofa’s color should be. Then, the carpet color and finally, the wall paint color.

Why the sofa first? Sofa styles and colors are very limited unless you have your own customized. Finding a sofa first makes it easier for you to find a carpet than the other way around.

For bedrooms, it’s better to choose the carpet first than the bedding. Bedding styles and colors are easier to change and hundreds of selections are available in the market.

Go neutral

When choosing a carpet color, it’s better to go for neutral colors. Again, your carpet stays there for a long time and replacing those floors is expensive.

Unless you’re willing to splurge on replacing your carpets every year, it’s better to choose the one you can stick to for a long time.

Choosing neutral colors doesn’t mean going for the most boring. You can choose from different shades of beige to gray and still get the pleasing look you’re aiming for. Your bright and colored furniture and walls can instead bring out the life in your room.

Consider foot traffic

You should also consider your carpet color based on how busy an area is. A living room where you always walk around with your kids and pets may not be best to have in white or beige-colored carpet flooring.

Having light-colored carpets in high-traffic areas can easily get dirty, which ruins the entire look of the room.

It may not be even better if you choose deep dark-colored carpet. Dark carpets can easily show lint and dust.

It’s best to choose carpets that aren’t too light or too dark so they can easily hide stains without easily looking dirty.

Choose the atmosphere

Your carpet floor’s color greatly affects the atmosphere you want to create in the room.

If you want to make a calm atmosphere, choose cool colors like green and blue. Bolder colors create intimacy.

You can also create an illusion of a larger room by choosing light colors over dark ones. If choosing for a children’s playroom, go for bright colors to create a comfortable space for your children.

What’s your color?

Color greatly affects the look of a room and for a carpet flooring, you should really pick one that you love and at the same time practical enough to use for a long time.

And once you have your chosen carpet floor, don’t ever forget to keep it protected from getting stains, marks, and dents.

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