Easy-to-Do Tips to Vacuum Clean Your Home Better

Vacuuming is everyone’s favorite chore – said no one ever. Thinking about it can already make you lazy, but it must be done. Of course, you can’t let your house rot in its own dirt so you go through hours of vacuuming and trying to be flexible in all corners.

Can you possibly make everything easier? The answer is yes. Your time and effort are precious, so here are some vacuuming tips that you might haven’t tried yet.

Understand what every vacuum attachment is for

In every vacuum box, you’ll notice the different tools you can use to make the chore easier. Do you know what each does?

Here are some ideas on what each attachment can do:

  • Crevice cleaner – A long and skinny hose with an angled tip used for tight spaces
  • Upholstery cleaner – A flat hose with small bristles for upholstery furniture such as couches and drapes
  • Hardwood cleaner – A flat hose with longer bristles to protect floors from scratches.
  • Power or turbo cleaner – The bulkiest hose used for carpets.

Vacuum from side to side

To make sure you’re thoroughly cleaning the area, be sure that you’re vacuuming it slowly from side to side. For carpet floors, be sure to change your vacuum’s direction to reduce matting.

Determine how many times you should vacuum

To make sure you’re seeing good results from your vacuum cleaning, know how frequent you should clean certain areas.

In areas that are often traveled such as those near the entrance door, you can vacuum spots every day and the entire area twice a week. The rest which is less traveled can be cleaned once a week.

You may have to go over a certain spot more than once

To get everything squeaky clean, you can go over a less traveled area for 3 – 4 times. High-traffic areas should be vacuumed 5 – 7 times.

Baking soda is your friend

Get that carpet stink out with a sprinkle of baking soda. Let it soak in the carpet and vacuum it until everything is clean.

Be careful when moving furniture

Vacuum cleaning involves frequent furniture moving to get into those hidden edges and corners. However, you should be always careful when moving furniture as they can leave scratches and dents on your floor. It’s the worst that could happen to your floors – way worse than a dusty carpet.

To keep your floors safe while you’re moving chairs and tables, better have furniture felt pad protectors. There are many choices available in the market but the best one you should reach for are high-quality felt pads with the strongest adhesive.

The furniture pads from Furniture Buffers sticks right onto every leg without failure. They don’t easily come off so you can feel confident that they last longer. The pads are ultra-soft too so you can push and pull those chairs with ease.

When you know your floors are safe when moving furniture, you can make your vacuum cleaning chore way easier than before.

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