Choosing the Best Felt Floor Protectors That Will Surely Stick

Carpet flooring is commonly used to create a cozy home. But, tile, wood, linoleum, and other hard floors can always bring class and style.

A nicely decorated room starts with a clean floor. Nothing ruins an aesthetic more than a floor with dents and scratches.

But scratches on your floors can’t be prevented sometimes. It can happen when you move couches during that weekend cleaning task or when you need to rearrange tables for group dinners.

Moving your chairs back and forth every day will most likely scrape, scratch, and damage your pristine floors permanently.

Of course, you can always buy chair leg pads and other floor protectors, but most on the market are cheap and won’t last long.

House situation with cheap floor protectors

Back in my dad’s house, we used to have these elegant wooden kitchen chairs on a warm tile floor. They looked nice, but their metal feet would scratch the floor. My parents put little white plastic furniture caps on them, but these would make the most horrendous scraping noise every time someone moves the chair out to sit down.

To this day, six caps are still missing off of five chairs, gone somewhere into the void and never to be found. They weren’t exactly top quality products. They don’t even make life at home any better, especially when someone was trying to sleep in on the weekend.

What’s the best furniture felt pad to choose?

Cheap products are all over the market, but your best bet to really protect your floors are felt pads from the Furniture Buffer line.

With the stickiest adhesive in the industry, once you press any of these buffers onto your furniture they won’t be coming off anytime soon.

Cork can chip away, rubber and plastic can scuff, and nail-on-feet covers can scratch even more than the feet themselves. But, felt will glide smoothly and reliably with no damage.

Other brands will fray and string away over time, but these Furniture Buffer products are super dense and compact. Made to last, they’ll keep your floors sleek and elegant for years to come.

What’s in every Funiture Buffer Felt Pad package?

No matter how many legs you’re trying to cover or how large they are, you’ll be all set with these cushions’ Jumbo Pack package.

Eight different circular sizes ranging from 0.5 inches to 2 inches, and even larger square and rectangular padding will cover pretty much anything that needs to be covered.

These super thin and dark-colored pads won’t draw attention to themselves and ruin the decor of your home.

A jumbo product at an affordable price

If you’re worried about spending a lot of money on something so small, you don’t have to be.

Even with 144 pieces, the Jumbo Pack slides in at a surprisingly affordable price of $19.99.

For such strong, dense, high-quality protection, you could easily be paying more than double than that for the same number of cheap pieces.

A damaged, scraped up floor will cost a lot more to repair in the long run from inferior products wearing out and not doing their jobs correctly.

If somehow you’re still not convinced, Furniture Buffers offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose.

Back at home

When I was younger I was always rearranging my room. When my first sister moved out and my second sister moved into her old bedroom, I suddenly had my own room and all of the space that went with it.

As a music fan, I love collecting albums and posters that automatically goes up on my wall. With my own room, I went for a more minimalist approach with my furniture so I could maximize the available free wall space that I had.

All I had was my bed, my dresser, and a desk on my hardwood floor. Every few months as new music albums came out and new posters arrived in the mail, my room would get a revamp and everything would swap positions.

Now, this floor was old, in a house that my grandfather had built. It had withstood both my father and my sisters scraping it up for decades.

Still, the scratches that my desk left across its aged and worn surface were exceptionally atrocious. The bed and dresser were fine, but the desk did some real damage.

I didn’t notice until after I’d moved it from one corner to the opposite, to in front of my bed, and then finally next to my headboard. The journey that desk made was mapped almost perfectly and permanently onto my floor. Luckily my parents never noticed, but I still had to look at my mistakes every day.

The worst part of it, though, was that those scratches could have been easily avoided. The desk was fitted with fancy rubber floor protectors on each leg.

At some point over the years, one of them had loosened, popped off, was put on again, popped off again, and was finally deemed worthless enough to be thrown into one of the desk’s spare drawers. That one naked desk leg had scraped all over my floor and left long trails for the world to see.

Prevent damaged floors in the future

The Furniture Buffer line of heavy duty felt pads would have saved my floors if I’d had them back then. I could have replaced the shoddy rubber protectors on the desk’s legs with them and had an easier and much less damaging time pushing that thing all over my room.

Better yet, if the desk had been given real, high-quality, strong, and soft felt padding from the start, I would never have had this problem in the first place. A shame, really. One of the scratches kind of looked like a feather but the rest were irredeemable garbage.

Now, I learned my lesson. For every new furniture, I won’t hesitate to pick a pack of Furniture Buffer felt pads to prevent my own clean floors from getting those nasty scratches.

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