Best Children’s Playroom Flooring Options You Can Choose From

They jump, roll, and tumble. They throw and scatter toys all over the place. They try to climb up chairs and hop down back to the floor. Everything is just action-packed for every kid and for you, as a parent, you want them to stay protected without stopping them from enjoying playtime.

That’s why you better make it a priority to choose the best flooring for a children’s playroom. It should be durable, easy-to-clean, eco-friendly, soft, and of course, attractive for everyone’s eyes.

The Different Flooring Options for Playrooms

You can choose among the top four floorings that can be perfect for your home according to your taste, budget, and other needs. The list includes carpet, linoleum, wood, and cork.


Carpet has been the most popular flooring for playrooms because it is soft and comfortable to step on. It’s also the most budget-friendly among all other flooring choices.

Carpet can be eco-friendly too depending on the material and type you’ll bring home. It is highly recommended to use all-natural carpet tiles nowadays to easily replace damaged carpet sections without ripping off the entire flooring.

However, carpets can be a problem for kids with allergies as the material can easily trap dust, mites, and pet dander. Because of this, carpets require frequent vacuum cleaning.


With kids playing around, you’ll expect your floor to receive a lot of physical stress from the stomping and hitting. Spills do happen too, which can be trouble to clean off when you have carpet flooring.

Linoleum is an easy-to-clean and durable solution for those who look for something that requires low maintenance. They are stain and water resistant and can last long term – more like decades.

They come in thousands of designs you can choose from. These printed images last long without fading.


If you still want to make a playroom look classy, neat, and comfortable for everyone, you can go for wood.

Engineered wooden floors are recommended because they can withstand moisture from spills and will less likely form gaps through the years. Better choose a dark finish to hide color or pen marks.

You can make wooden floors more comfortable by placing a large natural-fiber area rug.


Cork can be the least known option for those who look for the best playroom flooring. Surprisingly, cork floors provide more comfort than wooden floors with its softer and warmer quality.

It’s also considered as eco-friendly because the material comes from the bark of a cork oak tree that regrows easily after 3 to 4 years. Making it is sustainable and it doesn’t produce harmful chemicals compared to synthetic flooring materials.

Whatever Flooring You Choose, Always Remember to Keep Them Protected

Besides children, do you know what can damage your floors? Furniture!

If you have huge shelves in your playroom at home carrying hundreds of toys, the weight can bring those tiny cabinet legs to push down on your floor. This creates undesired dents for all types of flooring.

Chairs and tables can also damage floors especially when your kids often move them.

You can’t remove furniture just to make your floors free from abuse. To protect your floors from furniture weight and friction, attach furniture felt pads under every leg.

Furniture Buffers furniture felt pads are one of the best pads in the market today. They come with different packs of every size and shape, all offering that strong grip that protects your furniture and floors long term.

Furniture Buffers furniture pads are perfect for every type of flooring you choose to have for your children’s playroom. Visit this page to know more ideas about how can furniture felt pads help you at home.

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