Before You Buy That Carpet, Make Sure You Pick the Best for High-Traffic Areas. Follow These Tips!

Carpet flooring creates a luxurious feel around your home. It’s cozier to walk on and it makes you sure that your kids are safe whenever accidents while playing around may happen.

Having carpet floors also minimizes the noise coming from your surroundings including your noisy neighbor.

There are many benefits carpets can give for your family and your home. If you’re thinking about the best carpet to use at home, don’t quickly pick one that only looks nice according to your taste. There are many factors to consider before you can pick the right one.

Choose the right carpet for high-traffic areas

One type of carpet flooring isn’t for all areas at home. You should pay attention to high-traffic areas such as the living room, stairways, and hallways. Learn how you can find the right carpet for high-traffic areas with these following tips:

Pick the correct carpet style

The first thing you’ll always look for in a carpet is its style. There could be plush, textured, berber, shag, and more, but only a few are best for high-traffic areas.

You might be attracted to bring home shag carpets. They’re fluffy and comfortable enough, but its longer carpet thread can get you into trouble. With kids, pets, you, and other family members roaming around, shag carpets will never last long.

One of the highly recommended carpet types is berber. It has low and densely woven fibers that efficiently get rid of dirt. It’s also less prone to matting. With berber, you get a durable carpet for an affordable price.

Textured and Friezes carpeting are also good choices as they can easily hide dirt and tracks.

Pick the right color

In high-traffic areas, you’ll surely get dirt, footprints, and paw prints around. That’s why carpets with lighter colors like white and gray aren’t recommended.

Choose dark-colored carpets that can easily conceal dirt, stains, and other marks.

Pick the right material

Getting a carpet made from synthetic materials is highly recommended. This includes nylon, polyester, and also wool.

The most durable are nylon carpets, which can easily retain shape and resist stains. Polyester carpets, on the other hand, are fade resistant and offer more color variations.

Protect carpets in high-traffic areas

Choosing the right carpet is already a big step. Keeping its quality through the years is another. Here are the basic ways you can do to protect your carpets:

Use runner rugs

Runner rugs take the beating on highly walked areas. They protect the underlying carpets and make them last longer. Besides protection, they also add style as they come with different colors and textures.

Use furniture felt pads

Besides footprints, paw prints, stains, and dust, carpet floors can get long-term damage from furniture weight marks. Plush carpets can easily get these undesired obvious markings.

To avoid weight marks, attach furniture felt pads underneath all furniture legs. However, not all furniture felt pads are created equally. It’s best to have a sharp eye and look for the ones that are firm and sticky, just like the felt pads from Furniture Buffers.

Furniture Buffers boasts its strong self-adhesive backing and ultra-compressed felt. Having them under every furniture leg lets you easily slide heavy furniture on carpet floors without worrying that they might come off at any moment.

You can buy Furniture Buffers on Amazon and choose among its different products including the Standard Pack with 24 felt pads, the Jumbo Pack with 144 felt pads in different shapes and sizes, and the reduced or non-slip pack with 24 foam pads. All are created with high-quality materials and backed with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

You can still keep your carpet floors in good shape

There are specific carpet styles, colors, and materials that you should consider before buying one you’ll be placing around your homes high-traffic areas. And after installing the perfect carpet for your home, you can extend its life by using runner rugs and the most reliable furniture felt pads in the market today like Furniture Buffers.

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