Basic Reminders to Remember When Installing Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles have been the trending floorings in the market. They offer embossed and textured surfaces that look almost the same as the real ones.

With the numerous designs and sizes you can choose from, it became the better choice than the usual sheet vinyl flooring. It’s also more beautiful and thicker which makes it always a good flooring option.

We can mention a lot of good things about luxury vinyl tiles. But before you buy or install one, there are some things you need to check first on your naked floor. Not all floors are made perfectly to begin with!

Read on to know more about what to check for that neat and smooth luxury vinyl tile flooring installation:

Smooth and even floors

Luxury vinyl tiles do still have the vinyl feel to them. They won’t just cover a portion of the floor without conforming to its texture.

If you leave nails or other object sticking out on your floor, you might have to deal with gaps and poor fittings when you install the vinyl tiles or planks.

Make sure your floor is level and smooth to start with. You can use a floor grinder or a cup wheel grinder to get rid of those irregularities found on your floor.

Moisture-free floors

Test your floor for moisture. Older slabs usually contain more moisture which may affect results in installing vinyl flooring.

Moist concrete added by alkalinity can affect the material leaving your floor curled or end up with lifted edges.

Clean and chemical-free floors

Luxury vinyl floorings are easily affected when exposed to chemicals. That’s why you need to check multiple times if the floor is free from old adhesives, oil, paint, and other solutions.

Flooring glue used for installing luxury vinyl tiles should be new and high in quality. Remember that adhesives can create curls on the flooring so better have someone skilled in installing these floors.

Suitable vinyl design depending on use and traffic

You should also consider floor appearance before installing vinyl as this material is vulnerable to scratches and gouges.

Sometimes it’s better to go for dark-colored luxury vinyl tiles or those that can make scratches invisible if you’re dealing with floors in heavy-traffic areas.

Area temperature

Where are you going to install vinyl? Take note of the area’s hotness or coldness as the temperature can either expand or contract the material.

Never use underlayments

Some people will recommend placing an underlayment before you install vinyl flooring to deaden sound. This quick solution doesn’t solve the problem and could cause indenting and flexing to the vinyl tiles because of its soft material.

To solve the sound issue, you can install sleeper-type system instead. This is a thin substrate under the flooring often used in sports flooring to suppress sound.

Attach felt pads on every furniture leg

Vinyl tiles are still soft and flexible which make them vulnerable to pokes, dents, and scratches.

Heavy furniture and frequent furniture movement can damage your newly installed luxury vinyl tiles or planks. That’s why you need to make sure you have furniture felt pads ready to stick under every furniture leg.

Cushion the weight of heavy furniture from your luxury vinyl floor with Furniture Buffers. Every felt pad is made firm and durable to hold even the heaviest sofa you have in the living room.

Be worry-free every time you move your dining chairs when you use Furniture Buffers felt pads. These pads are super sticky, unlike the cheaper felt pads that’ll fail to hold after a few days.

And if you don’t have any time to choose among different packs with different shapes and sizes, there’s an easy solution to that. Furniture Buffers Jumbo Pack already has all the sizes you need from small to large.

Also included in the Jumbo Pack are large-sized rectangular sheets that you can cut out according to the shape and size you need.

Some brands will offer these pads for $57.88. But with Furniture Buffers, you can get all 144 felt pads for $19.99. That’s already good for all the furniture you have at home to keep your luxury vinyl tiles and planks protected.

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