5 Carpet and Rug Tips You Might Not Be Doing But You Have To Right Now

You buy a carpet and a rug. You put them on the floor. And done. You can step on them from now on.

Basically, that’s how you see and use carpets and rugs. It’s not really complicated.

But don’t you know there are more ideas out there in choosing and taking care of your precious rugs and carpets? You might already know some of these ideas but it won’t hurt to be reminded of them and at the same time discover fresh ones.

Let’s start the list then. Here are the five carpet and rug tips you should know:

The wider, the better

When it comes to buying carpets, it’s better to wait for the right day when you can grab a large one than choosing a small-sized option because it’s cheaper. Never forget this especially when you want to make a room appear bigger, not smaller.

Carpets define the area. So if you’re placing one in the living room where people always gather, make it a point to have a large carpet or rug.


So let’s say you’ve already bought a small rug after it’s mentioned that bigger is better. Don’t worry. It’s not too late. In fact, you could already have the key to a more stylish floor.

Layer that smaller-sized carpet or rug over a bigger one. Best thing to do is match a neutral to a patterned carpet/rug or vice versa. Get creative with whatever you have on hand.

Choose your carpet/rug first

If you’re dealing with a blank canvas, it’s better to pick a carpet/rug first. With that first color or pattern you put on the floor, you can easily choose the furniture, wallpaper, and other decorations that should go with it.

Use a rug pad

Isn’t annoying when rugs move from here to there whenever you walk on them? Rug pads solve that one problem and there are more reasons why you should get one for every carpet/rug you have.

Rug pads help avoid spills that could damage the floor from reaching it. They make carpets and rugs more comfortable to walk on. They also help increase the life of both rug and floor by reducing the friction created by too much rug shifting.

Use furniture felt pads

The contact and friction between carpet/rug and floors can cause damage to both items. It can get worse when heavyweight furniture is placed on top of every carpet/rug. To avoid having dents and marks on those carpets and rugs, every furniture leg should have felt pads attached.

Furniture felt pads like those high-quality pads from Furniture Buffers don’t only protect carpets and rugs. They also protect your floors especially hardwood floors from having scratches from frequent furniture movement.

Choosing high-quality felt pads means getting the most durable and stickiest in the market. Furniture Buffers’ products surely have these qualities that can help your items at home – from furniture to floor – be all protected.

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