How to Create a Place Worth Booking in Airbnb

Traveling is an activity that seems to be an essential for everyone’s bucket list, which may include you. May it be a simple staycation or an out-of-the-country backpacking adventure, every traveler will never miss checking Airbnb to find the best rooms or apartments to book.

Airbnb has grown from a site for budget travelers looking for a room to a place where families can rent a beachfront villa like it’s their own.

It also benefits homeowners who want to make extra cash by renting a small space in their property. In the end, it builds a community built by people from all over the world sharing experiences.

They can even share their stories online as both host and guest can post feedback after every stay.

Creating an attractive Airbnb property

If you want to create a place ready for Airbnb, then make it something that’ll bring good experience to guests. After all, good reviews will give you better chances of attracting more guests to book your property.

Here are some brilliant interior design tips that’ll make your property worth booking in Airbnb:

Create a clean and inviting bed

Every guest wants to go home to a comfortable bed that’ll remove the stress away after an entire day of exploring. Those big and clean beds are usually the reason why people would pay extra for a hotel room.

To have a cozy-looking bed, it’s best to use white or light-colored bedding which includes the sheets and duvet. Having both in the same color creates a bigger-looking and more comfortable bed.

Add liveliness by throwing in some throw pillows

Throw pillows don’t only exist because they are huggable. They actually add spice to a room’s look depending on what needs to be added. Texture? Color? Graphics?

A gray couch in a living room may look bland and need some pop of color. The solution? Throw pillows.

If a room looks cold with only straight lines visible from every piece of furniture, throw pillows made of faux fur can create added texture.

Add art

Your home may provide a homey feel to your guest, but no one wants to have a room filled with your family photos. Keep those framed personal photos for now in your own bedroom and replace them with artworks.

May it be a sculpture, painting, or poster, know what kind of artwork will match your room’s theme.

If you want a classic feel, you can have a black and white photography or an abstract oil painting. For something modern, you can go for some pop art.

Be careful with this part as choosing a wrong artwork may ruin an entire look.

Make a clean bathroom

Whatever kind of bathroom you have, always keep it clean. It’s simple.

But to add a hotel-effect to it, you can add scented candles and matching towel sets. When in doubt in choosing colors, choose white as always for that easy clean look.

You can either put big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. You can also get a few essentials from those hotel toiletries you’ve collected and place them on a tray.

See? Bringing in toiletries for your guest isn’t that expensive.

Bring in a green friend

Plants make a place alive and beautiful. They also purify the air at home. You can pick anything suitable for indoors and place it anywhere you like.

If you’ve got no space to put a potted plant on the floor, hang it. They can be placed beside furniture or just in a corner for an added pop of color and beauty.

If you think you can’t take good care of plants, there are also cacti and succulents. They are low-maintenance houseplants you can put anywhere.

Attach furniture felt pads under all furniture legs

As a host, you’ll have to maintain your property looking brand new all the time to keep those good reviews coming in.

But even when you’re really careful in handling things, accidents happen and so as small damages that can affect your Airbnb space in long term.

One of the most overlooked damages that can ruin an interior’s look is floor damage. They could be stains, scratches, marks, and dents.

Most of the time the causes are your heavyweight furniture and those chairs that you often move. If your Airbnb is always booked, expect these factors to cause troubles on your floors soon – unless you use furniture felt pads.

Furniture Buffers offers furniture felt pads in different shapes and sizes, perfect for your planned guest room or apartment which require high maintenance. With these pads, you can guarantee your guest won’t be annoyed with the noise made every time he/she moves a chair.

With these pads, you can guarantee your guest won’t be annoyed with the noise made every time he/she moves a chair.

Furniture Buffers makes you invest on felt pads that don’t easily come off. They last long and will probably stay in those years your property serves its guests with a high-quality experience.

Level up yourself as a host

Of course, the experience isn’t limited to the interior design. It’s also important that you, the host, is welcoming and hospitable enough.

Make your guests feel like they’ve just visited a home away from home with a touch of beauty that feels everything worth better than staying in a hotel.

6 Cleaning Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

Cleaning your home is essential, but you know what? It’s not a simple task. Just like every other job, it should be done the right way.

We’d love to get rid of the mess as fast as possible. But it isn’t the best when you just plug-in the vacuum cleaner and go from here to there.

Make cleaning easy and fast yet effective by taking note of these common cleaning mistakes:

Postponing a minor cleaning job

Do you wait for the weekend to finally get into the mood of cleaning your entire house?  It seems ideal to get things done after the work week, but then cleaning is easiest when you do them bit by bit.

Spend a few minutes cleaning the kitchen sink, sweeping those breadcrumbs on the floor, wiping the table, or organizing that bookshelf. Just by doing short minutes of cleaning, you’ll be spending the weekends easier with only fewer things to deal with.

Start cleaning at the wrong spot of the room

When cleaning a room, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to start at any random spot. Most of the time, you’ll just find yourself sweeping back to point A because of bad decisions.

Start by putting back things scattered around to where they belong. Throw away trash that you can pick up.

Then when it’s all organized, start dusting from the top of the room and work your way down. That means cleaning the ceiling first, getting rid of cobwebs, wiping the furniture, and finally sweeping the floor.

Using the wrong cleaning products

The things you have in your house are all made up of different materials and cleaning each requires specific types of cleaners. No, you can’t use bleach on wooden floors.

Carefully read each label and identify if you can use it for the items and furniture you have at home. If you have kids and pets at home, it’s best to pick chemical-free and green cleaning tools for everyone’s safety.

Using dirty cleaning tools

Starting with a dirty sponge, towel, or mop to clean and disinfect a room can lead to dirtier results. Better make sure that you’ve prepared clean cleaning tools or disposable ones to make things easier.

Not asking for help

Unless you’re all alone at home, don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you have children, you can assign simple cleaning tasks for them such as keeping their toys or throwing their trash into the trash can.

As your children grow older, you can give more challenging tasks such as doing the laundry. You’re not only teaching them how to do house chores correctly but making such cleaning tasks faster to do.

Not using furniture felt pads

Cleaning every room requires you to move those pieces of furniture in different directions to make sure every area is cleaned. But, without furniture felt pads attached to every leg, expect to have a cleaning day disaster.

Floors, may it be vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, or tile, are all prone to scratches and dents you’d want to avoid. To protect your floors, remember to keep those furniture legs covered with felt pads that last long.

And what guarantees long-lasting durability and attachment? Furniture Buffers. Every felt pad is made thick and firm to make your floors free from scratches and noise after every furniture movement.

Each also has a top quality adhesive that keeps the pad attached for a long time. You can forget about missing felt pads that never got stuck on those legs even just for a week.

Cleaning your house, if not done in the right way, can bring the worse results far from what you expect. Remember to keep clear of these mistakes to have an effective and less energy-draining job at home. You’ll be relaxing in your squeaky-clean home in no time.

5 Best Creative Ways to Store Your Shoes

If you’ve got a shoe collection or your family’s shoes all scattered on the floor, you may wonder how to creatively turn this mess into organized rows.

What’s the best way to store pairs of footwear? There’s no need for you to squeeze that brain for brilliant ideas. Just check out these eight suggestions and choose what’s best for your taste.

1. Display your shoes using a ladder

A DIY ladder shelf is really easy to make and convert its use from a bookshelf to your much-needed space to organize your shoes.

All you need is to slide pine wood planks onto every cross beams of the ladder. Secure each by screwing L-brackets up against the ladder cross beam and plank.

2. Put life into that shoebox

You may pick plastic, canvas, or your typical carton box. Jazz them up by painting them or covering them with wrapping paper.

Add a touch of glam by screwing handles on each box. You can spray paint each handle first with your chosen color.

3. No space? Put them up.

Having limited space doesn’t mean you don’t have any chance to be organized and have stylish interiors. If your shoes are getting on the way, why don’t you put them up on that unused wall space?

To do this, get an 8-feet pin base molding and an 8-feet crown molding plus a spray paint to color the base into something that matches your wall.

Wood glue the crown to the pin base molding, spray paint it, and screw it onto the wall using wood screws. This idea is best for high-heeled shoes.

4. Repurpose old bookshelves

A classy way to display your shoes is placing them in an old bookcase. You might even find nicely designed antique cases on a garage sale or thrift shop.

Bookcases with glass doors are good too in displaying your shoes while protecting them from dust.

5. Make a DIY boot rack

A DIY boot rack is really simple to make. Grab a plank and attach pegs good enough for the pairs of boots you have.

You can place the rack indoors to display your boots or even outdoors for your rain boots.

Never miss using furniture felt pads

Every time you have new DIYed furniture to store your shoes, never forget to attach furniture felt pads on every side to protect your floors, walls, and also your furniture.

Even though you’re not always moving those shelves or boxes, the slight friction when you place them near walls or the weight they carry can create scratches and marks.

For high-quality furniture felt pads, you can bet on Furniture Buffers. They’re easy to peel, but be careful not to get that sticky side onto your fingers!

Each Furniture Buffers felt pad has a super sticky adhesive that isn’t easy to get rid off. They don’t easily come off the furniture so you won’t have to worry about changing those pads after every month.

Furniture Buffers’ products are exclusively available on Amazon. You can choose if you want to get a Standard Pack if you want to try the product on a few pieces of furniture, or a Jumbo Pack if you want to purchase an all-in-one pack complete with 144 pads in different shapes and sizes.

It’s up to you what you want to purchase, but don’t you ever miss this important tip!