What is the Best Variety Pack of Furniture Pads to Protect Your Floor?

I still remember my first new dining room set. The chairs and table were gorgeous oak and they matched the hardwood floors perfectly. What I didn’t realize was that heavy oak furniture can take a heavy toll on delicate wood flooring.

At the time I hadn’t even heard about felt pad floor protectors. My father mentioned that they would be a good idea. I shrugged and laughed. I didn’t laugh for long. The first time we moved the table for cleaning, it left a nasty and obvious scratch in the hardwood floor.

Soon scuffs around the chairs began to appear. If only I had realized how important furniture pads are, it would have saved us the costly repairs to the flooring.

I’m writing this guide and mini review to share what I’ve learned. Not only are felt pads important for protecting your valuable floor surface, finding the right ones are a must.

I recommend you buy a diverse variety pack a bunch of sizes to choose from and match for each piece of furniture in your home and protect hardwood floors. Here are some tips and recommendations so you can avoid potential damage to your wood floors.

Regardless of the floor type, moving tables and chair acrosss the surface can cause scratching and indentations. The heavier your furniture, the worse the potential for damage.

It doesn’t take much movement to leave a mark. It’s frustrating and dissapointing to watch a beautiful floor transform into an embarrassment when guests visit. Even if you’re careful, it’s hard to prevent scratching without a cushion that prevents direct contact.

Common problems with felt pads

Choose wisely because not all felt protectors are created equally. Some types do not adhere to the bottom of chair and table legs.

The adhesive isn’t strong enough so find a brand that has a reputation for sticking.

Another issue is that using the wrong size will affect how well the pad stays anchored and how effective it is for preventing damage.

Chair leg pads that are attached with a nail must be applied correctly or they can actually cause more damage to the floor surface.

Size, quality, thickness and adhesion are considerations that you’ll need to make to get the most of of felt floor protectors.

Different types

Table leg floor protectors come in a variety of different styles, sizes, materials and thicknesses.

The best of course, is the type that gives you the ultimate in floor protection. There are pros and cons associated with each kind.

Felt is the most common and my personal preference. The material glides more easily across most floor surfaces to prevent scuffing or pitting. Felt pads come in several thicknesses and densities from lightweight to heavy duty.

The weight of your furniture will determine which thickness you’ll need. The only disadvantage to felt padding is that it is not usually skid resistant.

Furniture Buffers also come in rubber and foam types for cushioning. The benefit of rubber is that the material is generally more skid resistant. In some cases you may want to go with this option to prevent accidents. The disadvantages are that some rubbers can leave black scuff marks on the flooring. Hard rubber can cause small scratches. The foam types are only recommended for light duty.

Where to Find Protectors?

You can find them at retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target and other similar stores.
They are also sold online through Amazon.com. The benefit of visiting Amazon is that you can read waves of helpful customer reviews and find out how the ratings stack up against competitors.

What is the best variety pack you can buy?

Below is a highly recommended value pack of felt pads. The package includes several sizes so you can easily fit each chair and table leg to perfection. Not all furniture legs are the same size. It’s important to get a perfect fit so there is enough to add protection without unsightly overlaps.

Furniture Buffers 8 Different Sizes of Felt Furniture Pads with 2 Large Rectangle Sheets, Black, Jumbo Pack (144 Count)

protect your floor against every size of leg

This is likely the only product you’ll ever need to buy for your home. It contains felt pads in sizes that are difficult to find as well as standard sizes.

The sizes range from large to small and they come in square, rectancular and circular shapes. Here is what you’ll get:

2 large(4.5 x 6 inch) rectangular sheets for custom cutting and sizing; 12 each 2.75 inch x 2.75 inch square felt pads, 2 inch circular felt pads; 20 each .5 inch, 1.2 inch and 1.5 inch circular felt pads; 24 .75 inch circular felt pads and 36 1 inch circular felt pads. Each buffer is .15 inches in thickness.


The variety pack is great for use on odd shaped furniture legs. They are black in color and offer a medium glide level allowing you to move chair back without scraping noises or damage to floors. They are manufactured with extremely sticky adhesive for long grip to chair and table legs. The felt materials are super compressed giving them high density that is firm yet soft enough for delicate surface protection.

Final thoughts

Furniture Buffers products are consistently of high quality. The adhesive is among the strongest and longest lasting on the market. The density of the felt gives furniture just enough glide without being dangerous for sliding chairs in and out.

The variety pack contains enough pieces to get a perfect fit for all furniture that is in need of buffers, with pads left over for later use. I highly recommend them for protection of any type of flooring surface.