What’s the Best Place to Buy Large Furniture Floor Protectors?

Kitchen chairs and tables are some of the most frequently moved furniture. This movement can cause gouges and scratches on your floor and reduce its lifespan and quality.

There are quite a number of pads that you can use to minimize or eliminate the friction. Some pad types offer better protection than others and different pad work best on different furniture items. Poorly fitted pads can cause more damage than the furniture itself.

When the pad has to be screwed into the furniture pre-drilled holes are better than fitting with a hammer but still not recommended.

Protection Types

There are different types of pads and glides offering varying levels of protection for your furnishings and floor.

Self-adhesive pads. These peel and stick pads are the most common forms and can be found at retail locations and online stores. They are the most affordable and are made from rubber or felt. However, they can be the least durable depending on quality.

Here’s a video featuring the best self-adhesives on the market:


If you’ll notice, The Jumbo Pack has a variety of sizes including small but also the very expensive and hard to find large sized pieces.

Tap-on/nail-on pads. These types of safety pads are very durable since they are nailed to the furniture item with a screw or tiny nails. If poorly installed the nail or screw might wreak more damage to the floor than even the furniture itself. This type of pads uses different materials to make contact with the floor.

Slip-on pads. These are made to fit on the leg or base of the furniture. They are therefore sturdier as they don’t easily fall off. They are the most reliable especially when dealing with movable furniture items.

save your floors from scratching

Floor Types

Most furniture pads have a universal make and design and can work on all kinds of surfaces. Even then there are some that are made with the floor considerations in mind. There are more than ten different floor types in the market.

It’s not enough simply to choose furniture pads. The wrong pad type can still damage your floor.

Carpet. For carpeted flooring choosing a harder material like steel or plastic work best. That’s because they are able to absorb the train and friction rather quickly.

Hard Floors. When it comes to tile, hardwood or ceramic rubber and felt pads work best. When using rubber be wary of potential scruff marks from the rubber lining. Ensure that it’s thick and sturdy enough for heavy furniture items.

Soft floors. Soft floors like rubber and vinyl flooring work best with plastic, rubber or felt furniture pads. You can also get custom pads that best suit your floor especially if you have a custom flooring.

Types of Furniture pads

i. Self-Adhesive Pads. These types have an adhesive backing. You simply peel back and apply the self-adhesive side to a clean and dry surface. They are safe on most indoor hard floors including concrete, vinyl, and wood. They exist in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses and prevent floor damage by softening the edges of furniture items.

ii. Formed-felt pads. This is made from reinforced felt with blunted edges to fit securely on furniture legs or bases. Just like self-adhesive, it is also appropriate for all forms of indoor flooring materials. Formed-felts are more durable than standard felts. It also protects the floor from rust and reduces noise when furniture items are pulled or moved.

iii. Tap-In glides. These types of furniture padding are held in place by a thin-walled rivet. They can be fitted with a hammer of pre-drilled holes which are equipped with a screw. They are one of the safest forms of furniture padding. They are best for furniture items with wooden bases, feet or legs.

iv. Rubber / Teflon-like Grippers. These designs have the O-ring design that is specially formulated to prevent furniture from moving and scratching the floor. Some of the Teflon-like grippers include a self-stick adhesive for added adhesion. They are also available in all ranges and sizes. Indentations can easily occur when used on cushion vinyl or soft wood floors.

v. Stick-on / Screw-on foot protectors. They are made of an easy-glide material that can be applied to furniture items using a stick-on or nail-on method. In the screw-on method, you drill a hole in existing legs or base of your furniture and screw glide in. In the stick-on method, you peel and place securely on clean, dry furniture legs. They work best on lightweight furniture with slender legs or bases.

vi. Cup-shaped protectors. These cups furniture protectors are typically made from rubber or plastic. You just place them on the floor and rest furniture legs on top. They are designed for heavy furniture with broad bases. They are recommended for stationary objects with proper weight distribution over large surface areas.

The other major types of gliders and pads are the Caster cups that typically extend up the leg approximately 1”.

There are also quality swivel glides in the market. The swivel glides are mostly made from a Teflon-like material. There most common gliders are the ball-shaped rubber casters as well as round-form disk cloth furniture gliders.

Where to Purchase

Many pads and gliders can be bought online or at stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and Target.

However, Furniture Buffers can only be purchased on Amazon.com for now.

Introducing the Best Floor Protectors Ever!

Admit it, you’ve spent a fortune on your beautiful expensive floors and the sight of ugly scratches or gouges on them would not allow you to sleep even one single night. Since you’ve spent a fortune on your beautiful hardwood or concrete floors, similarly you would not hesitate to invest in protecting your elegant floors by investing in the best floor protectors ever!

The best and the most effective furniture feet floor protectors on the market are self-adhesive felt furniture pads.

The most common problem among felts is that they aren’t sticky enough but that is only because most people get the cheap kind.  If you choose dense felt pads with a strong adhesive, then you can’t go wrong at all.

Furniture comes in different sizes so it would be wise to choose the best variety pack of the best table floor protectors ever. We are introducing our biggest product ever…THE JUMBO PACK. The Furniture Buffers Jumbo Pack contains 8 different sizes of felt furniture pads. With every size possible, you can pad everything in your home with these best floor protectors,  from kitchen chair feet/leg floor protectors to table floor protectors and floor protectors for beds. You can’t find all these sizes in just one pack anywhere else.

It is very IMPORTANT to note that we use super sticky adhesive so our pads don’t fall off. Our pads are ultra soft so your floors stay quietly protected.

Furniture Buffers Furniture Pads (Pack of 144)

It is IMPORTANT to note that we use super sticky adhesive so our pads don’t fall off. Our pads come with the stickiest self-adhesive in the industry. In fact, we’ve had customers say our pads are too sticky! This is one of our keys to success. Another key is our felt material. Our pads are made with ultra-compressed felt which means they’re super soft but also very firm. Furniture Buffers is a home accessory company with a reputation for top of the line, high-quality products.

Our floor protectors are truly built to be the best floor protectors and stick to chair and table legs for the long haul.

Here are other things that our product does for your expensive floors:

– Save Your Hardwood Floors

– Guard Against Chair Scratches

– Eliminate Scraping Noises

– Cover Odd Shaped Chair and Furniture Legs

– Preserve any type of hard surface

– Black color so nobody will ever notice

– Medium-Slide ability so you can skooch out from table


The Jumbo Pack combines all the hard to find sizes of felt furniture pads into one huge box.

12 – 2.75-inch x 2.75 inch Square Felt Pads

12 – 2 inch (51 mm) Circle Felt Pads

20 – 1.5 inch (38 mm) Circle Felt Pads

20 – 1.2 inch (30 mm) Circle Felt Pads

36 – 1 inch (25 mm) Circle Felt Pads

24 – 0.75 inch (19 mm) Circle Felt Pads

20 – 0.5 inch (12 mm) Circle Felt Pads

All pads are .15 inches (4 mm) thick

As an extra bonus, we added 2 BIG rectangle sheets so you can cut out and customize any size pad you need.

2 – 4.5-inch x 6 i6-inch rectangle Felt Sheets

Indeed, these are the best furniture floor protectors ever.